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Published "I want to go on a journey" by Kazuko Ono, a folktale visitor.

Kazuko Ono, a folktale visitor who has visited the villages of Tohoku for 50 years and begged for folktales.

A young artist who has resonated with Ono's attitude, with a total of 18 episodes that weave texts of various characteristics such as folk stories, letters, and literature that he heard, centered on the travel diary of the visit, along with the feelings he gained during the trip. Contributions by Ryusuke (film director), Natsumi Seo (artist), and Lieko Shiga (photographer) are included.

Photos taken by Shiga in Tohoku are posted on the cover and in the book.

One of the attractions is the design work by Shoichi Onishi, who assembled each character precisely and beautifully.

Kazuko Ono "I want to go on a journey"
Page 368 A5 variant
2700 yen + tax Editing _ Chinatsu Shimizu Photo _ Design by Rieko Shiga _ Contributed by Shoichi Onishi _ Ryusuke Hamaguchi, Natsumi Seo, Rieko Shiga _ PUMP QUAKES
Printing_Live Art Book Printing Direction_Yoshiyuki Kawamura / Chiaki Shimizu

ISBN: 978-4-9911310-0-4  C0095

Agency: Swallow Publishing Distribution Order Form PDF

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