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Shinzaburo Takeda - Una vida en el grabado / A Life in Printmaking -

The Oaxaca print movement, which has continued from 2006 to the present, began with the solidarity of artists with citizens protesting the state government. Many of them were students of Japanese artist Shinzaburo Takeda, who lives in Oaxaca. Takeda still teaches and continues to have a great influence on Oaxaca artists, but at the same time he says he continues to be taught by the people of Oaxaca. He talked about Takeda's life through his work.

Profile of Kousaburo Takeda

Born in Seto City, Aichi Prefecture in 1935, he graduated from Tokyo University of the Arts, Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Painting, Department of Oil Painting in 1957. In the same year, he exhibited "Workers" with the theme of Chikuho Coal Mine at the 1st Tokyo International Print Biennale Exhibition and was selected. He received the scent of Tamiji Kitagawa and moved to Mexico in 1963. He studied mural painting at the National San Carlos School of Fine Arts in Mexico City and participated in the TGP (Taller de Gráfica Popular). He moved to Oaxaca from 1978 and became a professor of art at Benito Juarez Autonomy College.

Production: Pablo Gómez, Jonatán Ramírez, Misayo Tsutsui, Chinatsu Shimizu

Shooting / Editing: Yoshitomo Nagasaki

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