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This project aims to publish books written by Kazuko Ono, who has continued collecting local folklore by visiting and knocking on every door throughout the seaside towns and mountain villages of the Tohoku (Northeast) region for more than half a century.  


This project aims to study various art collectives that show deep commitments to society through their site-specific practices. The members of PUMPQUAKES will visit these areas or invite individuals from them to share our methods and thoughts. The processes and documentations will be made available to the public.


This project is taking place at the garden of the Kyokusen Bookshop, which is located in an old Japanese house in Hachimancho, an area in Sendai. Within this area, which is filled with apartments and houses, the bookstore’s garden is like a void in town, where people can experience the transitions from one season to another. Through various outdoor programs, we are examining how we can care for this space, open it up as our shared place, and explore its possibilities.

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